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Principal Work
ConsulTrading’s services include:

  • international trade and consulting on trade 
  • marketing innovative products, patent sales and royalty stream
  • business strategy development
  • finding international partners for optimizations, especially between the automotive centers of Detroit-USA and Bursa-TURKEY
  • setting up international operations
  • international market feasibility analysis, due diligence, sales and marketing plans
  • franchising, branding and marketing
  • retail development 

ConsulTrading specializes in

  • textile 
  • automotive components
  • medical equipment
  • retail
  • franchising
  • renewable energy 

ConsulTrading’s expertise includes:

  • international business development and business setup
  • managing innovative products and patent strategies
  • retail management
  • marketing, branding
  • automotive management and supply chain networking 
  • medical equipment development and marketing 
  • international franchising development
  • patent work
  • qsr management

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